White Variation
Alekhine's defense
    Modern, Vitolins attack Modern, Alekhine Variation Modern, Panov Variation Modern, Flohr Variation Modern Variation , 4...Bg4 Modern, Keres Variation Modern, Fianchetto Variation Modern, Schmid Variation Modern, Larsen Variation Modern Variation Four pawns attack, Trifunovic Variation Four pawns attack, Fianchetto Variation Four pawns attack, Planinc Variation Four pawns attack, Tartakower Variation Four pawns attack, 7.Be3 Four pawns attack, Ilyin-Genevsky var. Four pawns attack, 6...Nc6 Four pawns attack, Korchnoi Variation Four pawns attack Exchange, Karpov Variation Exchange Variation Balogh Variation O'Sullivan gambit Two pawns' attack, Mikenas Variation Two pawns' (Lasker's) attack Steiner Variation Welling Variation Saemisch attack Kmoch Variation Brooklyn defense Mokele Mbembe (Buecker) Variation Krejcik Variation Maroczy Variation Spielmann Variation Scandinavian Variation
    Benko gambit
      Main line Ne2 Variation 7.e4 Fianchetto Variation Nd2 Variation Nescafe Frappe attack Zaitsev system
      Benko's Opening
        reversed Alekhine
          Classical, 11.f3 Classical with ...Re8 and ...Na6 Classical, 9...Re8, 10.Nd2 Classical, 9...Re8 Classical with ...a6 and 10...Bg4 Classical, 9...a6, 10.a4 Classical, 9.O-O Classical without 9.O-O Classical, 8.Bg5 Classical with e4 and Nf3 Four pawns attack, Main line Four pawns attack Taimanov Variation Mikenas Variation pawn storm Variation 6.e4 Fianchetto, 11...Re8 Fianchetto, 9...Nbd7 Fianchetto Variation Nimzovich (knight's tour) Variation Uhlmann Variation
            From gambit Hobbs gambit From gambit, Lipke Variation From gambit, Lasker Variation
            Bird's Opening
              Lasker Variation Williams gambit
              Bishop's Opening
                Urusov gambit, Panov Variation Urusov gambit Ponziani gambit Greco gambit Berlin defense Four pawns' gambit MacDonnell double gambit Wing gambit Lewis gambit del Rio Variation Lewis counter-gambit Pratt Variation Philidor Variation Lopez gambit Classical Variation Calabrese counter-gambit, Jaenisch Variation Calabrese counter-gambit Lisitsyn Variation Philidor counter-attack
                  Lemberg counter-gambit Euwe defense
                  Boden-Kieseritsky gambit
                    Lichtenhein defense
                      Alekhine Variation , Balogh gambit Alekhine, Abonyi Variation Alekhine Variation Rubinstein Variation Adler Variation Fajarowicz, Steiner Variation Fajarowicz Variation
                        Classical, Spassky Variation Classical, 7...Nd7 Classical, 6.h4 Classical, Maroczy attack Classical, Flohr Variation Classical Variation Steinitz Variation Bronstein-Larsen Variation Forgacs Variation Tartakower (Nimzovich) Variation Alekhine gambit Rasa-Studier gambit Gurgenidze system Gurgenidze counter-attack Panov-Botvinnik attack, 5...g6 Panov-Botvinnik attack, 5...e6 Panov-Botvinnik, Reifir (Spielmann) Variation Panov-Botvinnik, Czerniak Variation Panov-Botvinnik, normal Variation Panov-Botvinnik, Herzog defense Panov-Botvinnik attack Panov-Botvinnik, Gunderam attack Exchange, Rubinstein Variation Exchange Variation Advance, Short Variation Advance Variation Edinburgh Variation 3.Nd2 Tartakower (fantasy) Variation Two knights, 3...Bg4 Two knights Variation GOldman (Spielmann) Variation Closed (Breyer) Variation Anti-anti-Caro-Kann defense Anti-Caro-Kann defense Hillbilly attack
                          Closed, Sokolsky Variation Closed, Main line Closed, Spassky gambit Closed, Qc2 & b3 Closed, Zagoryansky Variation Closed, 7.Qc2 Closed, Botvinnik Variation Closed, 6...Nbd7 Closed, 5.Nf3 Open, Classical line Open, 5.Nf3 Open, 5.Qa4 Nbd7, 6.Qxc4 Open, Alekhine Variation Open, 5.Qa4 Closed
                          center game
                            Hall Variation Berger Variation l'Hermet Variation Charousek Variation Paulsen attack
                            Czech Benoni
                              King's Indian system
                              Danish gambit
                                Soerensen defense Schlechter defense Collijn defense
                                  Ilyin-Genevsky Variation with b3 Ilyin-Genevsky Variation with Qc2 Ilyin-Genevsky, Winter Variation Ilyin-Genevsky Variation Classical Variation Stonewall: Chekhover Variation Stonewall with Nc3 Stonewall with Ba3 Stonewall, Botwinnik Variation Stonewall Variation Leningrad, Main Variation with Nc6 Leningrad, Main Variation with c6 Leningrad, Main Variation Leningrad Variation Hort-Antoshin system Staunton gambit deferred Staunton gambit, Nimzovich Variation Staunton gambit, Chigorin Variation Staunton gambit, Lasker Variation Staunton gambit, Alekhine Variation Staunton gambit, Staunton's line Staunton gambit, Tartakower Variation Staunton gambit Balogh defense Leningrad, Karlsbad Variation Leningrad, Basman system
                                  Dutch defense
                                    Dutch-Indian (Nimzo-Dutch) Variation Bladel Variation
                                      Symmetrical, Main line with d4 Symmetrical, Main line with b3 Symmetrical, Main line with d3 Symmetrical Variation Symmetrical, Botvinnik system Reversed Symmetrical, Botvinnik system ultra-Symmetrical Variation Symmetrical, Four knights system Symmetrical, Rubinstein system Symmetrical, Three knights system Symmetrical, Geller Variation Symmetrical, Benoni formation Symmetrical, hedgehog, flexible formation Symmetrical, hedgehog system Four knights, kingside Fianchetto Four knights, Romanishin Variation Four knights, Stean Variation Four knights, 4.e3 Four knights, Capablanca Variation Four knights, Marini Variation Four knights, Nimzovich Variation Bradley Beach Variation Nenarokov Variation Four knights system Three knights system Botvinnik system Closed system Closed system (without ...d6) Closed, 5.Rb1 Taimanov Variation Closed, 5.Rb1 Closed, Hort Variation Closed, Taimanov Variation Sicilian Reversed Bremen system with ...g6 Bremen system, Keres Variation Bremen, Smyslov system Bremen, reverse Dragon Carls' Bremen system Bellon gambit Mikenas-Carls, Sicilian Variation Mikenas-Carls, Kevitz Variation Mikenas-Carls, Flohr Variation Mikenas-Carls Variation Nimzo-English Opening Queens Indian, Romanishin Variation Queens Indian formation Anglo-Gruenfeld defense, Korchnoi Variation Anglo-Gruenfeld defense Anglo-Gruenfeld, Czech defense Anglo-Gruenfeld, Smyslov defense Symmetrical, Keres defense Neo-Catalan declined Neo-Catalan accepted Neo-Catalan Kurajica defense Wimpey system Romanishin gambit Caro-Kann defensive system, Bogolyubov Variation Capablanca's Variation New York (London) defensive system Bled Variation Caro-Kann defensive system London defensive system Torre defensive system Anglo-Dutch defense Jaenisch gambit Adorjan defense
                                      English Opening
                                        Agincourt Variation
                                        Evans gambit
                                          Alapin-Steinitz Variation Sanders-Alapin Variation Lasker defense Waller attack Richardson attack Sokolsky Variation Levenfish Variation Tartakower attack Leonhardt Variation compromised defense, Potter Variation compromised defense, Paulsen Variation compromised defense Cordel Variation 5...Be7 Mayet defense Stone-Ware Variation Fraser-Mortimer attack Fraser attack Steinitz Variation Goering attack Morphy attack Paulsen Variation Ulvestad Variation normal Variation
                                          Four knights
                                            Nimzovich (Paulsen) Variation Symmetrical, Maroczy system Symmetrical, Tarrasch Variation Symmetrical, Blake Variation Symmetrical, Pillsbury Variation Symmetrical, Capablanca Variation Symmetrical, Metger unpin Symmetrical Variation Svenonius Variation Janowski Variation Alatortsev Variation double Ruy Lopez Gunsberg counter-attack Rubinstein counter-gambit, Henneberger Variation Rubinstein counter-gambit, Exchange Variation Rubinstein counter-gambit Maroczy Variation Rubinstein counter-gambit, 5.Be2 Rubinstein counter-gambit, Bogolyubov Variation Rubinstein counter-gambit Marshall Variation Bardeleben Variation Spanish, Classical defense Spielmann Variation Ranken Variation Spanish Variation Belgrade gambit Scotch, 4...exd4 Scotch, Krause Variation Scotch Variation Gunsberg Variation Italian Variation Schultze-Mueller gambit
                                              Winawer, Advance, poisoned pawn, Konstantinopolsky Variation Winawer, Advance, poisoned pawn, Euwe-Gligoric Variation Winawer, Advance, poisoned pawn Variation Winawer, Advance, positional Main line Winawer, Advance, Smyslov Variation Winawer, Advance, 6...Ne7 Winawer, Classical Variation Winawer, Advance Variation Winawer, Advance, Rauzer Variation Winawer, Advance, 5.a3 Winawer, Advance, Russian Variation Winawer, Advance, Bogolyubov Variation Winawer, Petrosian Variation Winawer, Alekhine gambit, Kan Variation Winawer, Alekhine gambit Winawer, Alekhine gambit, Alatortsev Variation Winawer, Alekhine (Maroczy) gambit Winawer, fingerslip Variation Winawer, Kondratiyev Variation Winawer (Nimzovich) Variation Classical, Stahlberg Variation Classical, Steinitz Variation Classical, Pollock Variation Classical, Alapin Variation Classical, Rubinstein Variation Classical, Tarrasch Variation Classical Variation Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack, Spielmann Variation Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack, Teichmann Variation Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack, Breyer Variation Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack, Maroczy Variation Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack Classical, Tartakower Variation Classical, Frankfurt Variation Classical, Vistaneckis (Nimzovich) Variation Classical, Anderssen-Richter Variation Classical, Anderssen Variation Classical MacCutcheon, Lasker Variation , 8...g6 MacCutcheon, Duras Variation MacCutcheon, Lasker Variation MacCutcheon, Tartakower Variation MacCutcheon, Dr. Olland (Dutch) Variation MacCutcheon, Janowski Variation MacCutcheon, Bernstein Variation MacCutcheon, Grigoriev Variation MacCutcheon, Chigorin Variation MacCutcheon, Advance Variation MacCutcheon, Bogolyubov Variation MacCutcheon Variation Burn Variation Steinitz, Gledhill attack Steinitz, Boleslavsky Variation Steinitz Variation Steinitz, Brodsky-Jones Variation Steinitz, Bradford attack Henneberger Variation Swiss Variation Frere (Becker) Variation Rubinstein, Capablanca line Rubinstein Variation Fort Knox Variation Marshall Variation Paulsen Variation Tarrasch, Open Variation , Main line Tarrasch, Open, 4.ed ed Tarrasch, Eliskases Variation Tarrasch, Open Variation Tarrasch, Leningrad Variation Tarrasch, Closed Variation , Main line Tarrasch, Closed Variation Tarrasch, Botvinnik Variation Tarrasch, Guimard Main line Tarrasch, Guimard Variation Tarrasch, Haberditz Variation Tarrasch Advance, Euwe Variation Advance, Milner-Barry gambit Advance, Paulsen attack Advance Variation Advance, Wade Variation Advance, Nimzovich system Advance, Nimzovich Variation Advance, Steinitz Variation Exchange, Bogolyubov Variation Exchange, Svenonius Variation Exchange Variation Alapin Variation Schlechter Variation Reversed Philidor formation King's Indian attack Chigorin Variation Two knights Variation Pelikan Variation Wing gambit Labourdonnais Variation Steinitz attack Reti (Spielmann) Variation
                                              Giuoco Pianissimo
                                                Canal Variation Italian Four knights Variation Dubois Variation
                                                Giuoco Piano
                                                  Jerome gambit Four knights Variation Moeller, bayonet attack Therkatz-Herzog Variation Moeller (Therkatz) attack Steinitz Variation Aitken Variation Bernstein Variation Greco Variation Greco's attack Cracow Variation Krause Variation Anderssen Variation Ghulam Kassim Variation Bird's attack Eisinger Variation Mestel Variation Tarrasch Variation center-hOlding Variation close Variation LaBourdonnais Variation
                                                  Giuoco piano
                                                    Holzhausen attack Rosentreter Variation
                                                      Romford counter-gambit Fritz gambit Spike attack
                                                        Russian, Keres Variation Russian, Smyslov Variation Russian, Prins Variation Russian, Byrne (Simagin) Variation Russian, Levenfish Variation Russian, Szabo (Boleslavsky) Variation Russian, Alekhine (Hungarian) Variation Russian Variation with e4 Russian Variation Pachman Variation Botvinnik Variation Flohr defense Smyslov defense Opovcensky Variation Makogonov Variation 5.e3 5.Bf4 5.Bg5 Flohr Variation Three knights Variation Schlechter Variation Exchange, Sokolsky Variation Spassky Variation , Main line, 13.Bd3 Spassky Variation , Main line, 10...cd, 11.cd Exchange, Seville Variation Exchange, Spassky Variation Exchange, Simagin's improved Variation Exchange, Simagin's lesser Variation Exchange, Larsen Variation Exchange, Classical Variation Modern Exchange Variation Exchange Variation Gruenfeld gambit accepted Gruenfeld gambit, Botvinnik Variation Gruenfeld gambit, Capablanca Variation Gruenfeld gambit 4.Bf4 Lundin Variation Stockholm Variation Spike gambit
                                                        Gruenfeld defense
                                                          Smyslov, Yugoslav Variation Smyslov, Main line
                                                          Hungarian defense
                                                            Tartakower Variation
                                                              Bishop's gambit, Classical defense Bishop's gambit, Grimm attack Bishop's gambit, Greco Variation Bishop's gambit, Chigorin's attack Bishop's gambit Lesser Bishop's (Petroff-Jaenisch-Tartakower) gambit Breyer gambit Keres (Mason-Steinitz) gambit Villemson (Steinitz) gambit Carrera (Basman) gambit Schurig gambit Pawn's gambit (Stamma gambit) Orsini gambit Tumbleweed gambit Kieseritsky, Rice gambit Kieseritsky, Berlin defense, 6.Bc4 Kieseritsky, Berlin defense, Riviere Variation Kieseritsky, Berlin defense Kieseritsky, Kolisch defense